U10 Boys Single Group A

U10 Boys Single Group A

Athea Utd
Carrig Celtic
Creeves Celtic
GB Rovers

This age group will break on the 25th November and return on the 17th of February and finish by end of April as per rulebook playing season. All results to be text to PRO by end of day of fixture as per rule.


Round 1 – 30th September
Glantine v Carrig
GB Rovers v Feenagh
Creeves v Athea

Round 2 – 14th October
Feenagh v Glantine
Athea v Carrig Cel
Creeves Cel v GB Rovers

Round 3 – 28th October
Glantine v Athea
Feenagh v Creeves Cel
Carrig Cel v GB Rovers

Round 4 – 11th November
Creeves Cel v Glantine
GB Rovers v Athea Utd
Carrig Cel v Feenagh

Round 5 – 25th November
Glantine v GB Rovers
Creeves Cel v Carrig Cel
Athea v Feenagh


There will be a review of these fixtures before re-commencing in February.