U11 Boys Dual Group

U11 Boys Dual Group

Breska Rovers
Adare Utd

Each week a team will have no game due to an uneven number of entries.
This age group will break on the 18th November and return on the 10th of February and finish by end of April as per rulebook playing season. All results to be sent to the League PRO on the eve of the fixture failure to do so results in fine as per rule, match cards to be filled out by both teams and posted to the league as per rule after the game.


Round 1 – 23rd September
NCW Town v Bye
Rathkeale v Adare Utd
Shannonside v Breska Rovers

Round 2 – 7th October
Adare Utd v NCW Town
Breska Rovers v Bye
Shannonside v Rathkeale

Round 3 – 21st October
NCW Town v Breska Rovers
Adare Utd v Shannonside
Bye v Rathkeale

Round 4 – 4th November
Shannonside v NCW Town
Rathkeale v Breska Rovers
Bye v Adare Utd

Round 5 – 18th November
NCW Town v Rathkeale
Shannonside v Bye
Breska Rovers v Adare Utd


Round 6 – 10th February
Bye v NCW Town
Adare Utd v Rathkeale
Breska Rovers v Shannonside

Round 7 – 24th February
NCW Town v Adare Utd
Bye v Breska Rovers
Rathkeale v Shannonside

Round 8 – 9th March
Breska Rovers v NCW Town
Shannonside v Adare Utd
Rathkeale v Bye

Round 9 – 23rd March
NCW Town v Shannonside
Breska Rovers v Rathkeale
Adare Utd v Bye

Round 10 – 6th April
Rathkeale v NCW Town
Bye v Shannonside
Adare Utd v Breska Rovers